After graduating from the New York University Film School in 1971, Ira moved to California and embarked on a decade-long career as a professional photographer. While there, he captured images throughout the 1970s of famous rock performances and stars, including the Rolling Stones, Joni Mitchell, Paul McCartney and Wings, as well as up-and-coming actors, actresses and performers like a very young Bill Paxton, Sissy Spacek, Robert Klein, Lily Tomlin, Annie Potts, the 1978 cast of Saturday Night Live and many more.

He sent a lot of his photos overseas as part of his work for Media Press International and Globe Photos. He also documented some very eclectic “collections” – everything from Satanic memorabilia at a house in Bolinas, California to Rock Hudson’s assortment of sculpted male nudes – all for a magazine called “Collector’s Voice.”

Ira's passion for photography continues today. He is a trustee of the International Center for Photography and plans on exhibiting some of his work in the near future.